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Representative’s Library

The Excellence Life Insurance Company provides its representatives with a library designed especially for their use.

The library is a repository of the documents they may need in the course of their work.

bullet Applications

bullet Brochures

bullet Order form for marketing material

bullet Representative Services




Accident Insurance and Health Insurance

Available Riders (Acci-Jet Program, Superior Program, Universal Loan Insurance)

Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

Loan Insurance

Product Summary

Order form for marketing material

Representative Services

Representative Services

How can I get a copy of the Pyramid software?

You can access the software on the Representatives’ Site. A user name and password are required to log in.

  • - If you know the access code, go to our Pyramid quotation CD under the Representative area.
  • - If you don’t know the access code, contact your General Representative.

How can I obtain a representative’s contract?

To obtain a representative’s contract, you must:

  • make an initial sale;
  • provide a copy of your representative’s license, as well as proof of your liability insurance;
  • provide a cheque specimen for direct deposit of your compensation;
  • Fill out an Independent Representative’s or Attached Representative’s agreement.

How can all or part of a portfolio be transferred between representatives?

To transfer a block of business from one representative to another, fill out the Transfer Form and have all parties sign it:

  • the assigning representative, as well as the General Representative to which he or she is attached; and
  • the representative making the request, as well as the General Representative to which he or she is attached.

How can I notify Excellence of a change in representative for an in-force insurance contract?

Just send Excellence a letter signed by the policyholder.

How can I request payment for the balance of my reserve?

A representative may request that any amount in excess of $500 be released from his or her reserve. Where applicable, the General Representative must approve the payment.