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Life’s Turning Points

This section provides a wealth of advice and tools to help you prepare for the important steps in life.

bullet Sharing your life

Sharing your life with another promises many happy moments. Thinking ahead and planning for your relationship’s future will guard against potential financial burdens.

bullet Buying a home

Buying a home marks a turning point in life. Before beginning that process, find out what important elements you should consider so that you can be well prepared and confident as you make this transition.

bullet Becoming a parent

Becoming a parent means new responsibilities and numerous concerns. Will you be able to meet your child’s needs, see to her security and offer her the best?

bullet Facing a disability

How would your finances be affected if you were suddenly unable to work for awhile due to accident or illness? One thing is certain: you would suffer far fewer effects if financial support were available when you needed it.

bullet Starting a business

Making your business a success can be a life’s work. Have you thought about protecting what you’ve worked so hard to build?